Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Great Green Goals for 2009

I wrote this in January!? I had some computer issues and I never got My Great Green Goals for 2009 posted on here.

What better time to get started then on Earth Day!

I admit it.

I’m a bit of a green freak.

I’m fine with that.


I created this post from a great idea on posting Great Green Goals for 2009 by Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

Ok, so this might seem like a huge list, but I too once started out small. I have been recycling and doing many green things for years. I still have lots more to do though and I love doing my part for our planet and the people that live here.

First, here are some green things I started doing in 2008:

We ate out at restaurants far less than the year before

Walked to places more, even while doing errands

Planted vegetables from seeds in late February and March

Reused plastic food containers for seedlings instead of buying new plastic pots to start seeds in

Transplanted vegetables into the garden

Began the transformation of our front yard that is small into a grass-less area

Did NOT use our lawn mower in 2008!!! Manual labor, YES!! ;)

Picked up A LOT of litter in our neighborhood and at parks

Bought reusable water bottles- SIGGS and a Camel Bak-Hydration Pack for Word Geek (because I loved the one he gave me so much!) to use instead of buying plastic water bottles

Air dried clothes in the house this past fall/this winter

Used reusable bags for grocery shopping, used them with other shopping sometimes

Composted more, ALL fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells too

Planted two fruit trees on my parents property, a peach tree for Love Bug and a cherry tree for Lizard Man

Stopped shopping at Wal-Mart in May, yah!

Used Charlie’s Soap for our laundry
Used Dr. Bronner’s for dish and hand soap

Stopped getting receipts at the ATM

Switched from kitty litter to shredded paper in our cats litter box

Received more houseplants from family and kept most of them alive!

Gave a couple of houseplants to friends

Handmade some birthday gifts and Christmas gifts

Used newspaper to wrap Christmas gifts

Made a few recycled items for My Etsy Shop!

Ok, here are my Great Green Goals for 2009!

Write more posts on my green blog! I have a lot of knowledge to help inspire others that I would like to share that I think in the end could help our planet.

Cook more meals from scratch, eat out even less than last year

Use my reusable shopping bags even more than last year-for ALL shopping trips

Line dry clothes outside in the warmer months again (we haven't done this for quite awhile)

Keep growing more houseplant varieties

Give even more houseplants away to friends and family

Use our dehydrator!

Start making yogurt from scratch again (we haven't done this for quite sometime either)

Continue the transformation of our front yard that is small, into a grass-less area, planting hostas, flowers, maybe even some edible plants

Sell our lawn mower

Buy a manual lawn mower for our backyard or use more of our backyard for garden space

Tune up bicycles and ride!

Plant two more fruit trees on my parent’s property, at least one for Love Bug and one for Lizard Man

Plant a fruit tree on our property

Plant more fruit bushes on our property

Plant more seedlings this year than last year

Have a garden with lots of veggies and MAINTAIN IT

Build at least one compost bin to be able to make it a bit easier and alternate it with our current compost bin

Buy or somehow make one container to collect rain water to use for plants

Buy more rechargeable batteries, and use for everything (except continue to buy non-rechargeable batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)

Buy, make, and use only reusable feminine products

Buy or sew some covers for Love Bug’s cloth diapers that are not all-in-ones, so I don’t “need” to buy china made plastic pants

Learn how to sew better and make at least a couple of gifts for the kids

Make a lot more recycled items for My Etsy Shop!

And continue with everything we’ve been doing from 2008 and past years!

I hope something here inspires you to do more green things for our planet!

Look for more green posts coming soon!

Happy Earth Day!

Go green! Make it your green resolution!

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The Currier Family said...

Hi Heidi, I saw your post on Joy's Hope, and I loved what you had to say so I decided to check out your blog. My husband and I are also self- proclaimed green freaks. We do what we can with the whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing and we are starting to take it a bit further with fruit/veggie garden, cloth diapers/wipes, farmers market (buy local, be local)...possibly some chix in the backyard. When researching the chix situation I stumbled across that urban homestead website you mentioned, and I loved it. I, too, gained a lot of inspiration from them. Anyway, thanks for blogging. I will be tuning in :)

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