Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Choosing a More Modern CLOTH Diaper

I’ve been using cloth diapers since Lizard Man was born in 2003. The cloth diapers I use are the flat folds and prefolds (aka-the kind maybe your mom or grandmother used) with pins and plastic pants. When Love Bug was born in 2007 I found out there are more modern cloth diapers out there. There are ones with snaps and Velcro, all in ones that you could do away with plastic pants, pocket diapers you can stuff with inserts, there are wool covers (which are more breathable) too instead of plastic pants for the more modern diapers that are not all in ones. It is pretty amazing all the great choices out there these days, but I didn’t make a grand switch even after Love Bug was born because I have quite the stash of cloth diapers from gifts and garage sales. I stuck with the cloth, pins, plastic pants I had, because I was used to it. It worked, it was still inexpensive.

I cut my hand on a drinking glass over a month ago and it is still trying to heal up. The cut is pretty bad and so I can’t put enough pressure on the pins with my wiggly 15 month old toddler fighting me to be able to use them. So we bought disposables. I’m tired of using them, they are expensive and I feel guilty knowing they are bad for the environment in more ways then just one. So I ordered some more modern cloth diapers to my stash! It was really hard to decide which ones to get because there are soooooooo many out in the market today, from plain to polka dots, from cotton to bamboo.

I decided to go with mostly AIO (All In Ones) because then I could do away with the plastic pants some, especially when out and about. I only bought 7 diapers and hopefully will be adding more to my stash soon. I bought the cute patterns since I’ve been bored with the generic white.

Here are two I bought here on Etsy:

Pink Panther Diaper-Pocket Diaper-One Size (Infant-Toddler)

The Pink Panther one has really held up well against leakage and so I’m thinking I will order some more pocket diapers. You can stuff pocket diapers to meet your needs if they need more protection during naps or at night, you can stuff more inserts in the back pocket; during the day, less inserts. The Pink Panther diaper is made from the following materials: cotton, pul, fleece, touchtape, poly_resin_snaps, microfiber.

Strawberry Shortcake Diaper-AIO (All In One)-Size Large

The Strawberry Shortcake diaper got a bit wet around the thighs when we tried it out on Love Bug, and I’m not sure if it is because I’ve got a super soaker, but usually I don’t have problems with leakage. I’ve got the timing of how often to change Love Bug down pat. The Strawberry Shortcake diaper is made from the following materials, which is different from the Pink Panther diaper and may have made a difference between non leakage and leakage: flannel, pul, cotton, microfiber, touchtape.

I’ll post more of the diapers I bought as I get them in the mail.

Let me know if you have any questions about cloth, I would be happy to answer them! I love cloth! I'm an advocate for cloth diapers!

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Alison said...

I just saw the bamboo diapers recently on Amazon.com. I was amazed as I'd not heard of these. My kids are long past the days of diapers. When my daughter was little I used the all in ones, which worked really well, though they took a good amount of time to dry, which meant I either needed to use the tumble drier or have more available. I liked them a lot but I didn't manage to stick with them for nearly as long with my more active son.

Have you heard about the diaper free baby idea? It sounds like a great idea to me!

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