Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Grasshopper on Purple Boot in Nature


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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Waiting on a computer part.

Using Word Geek's laptop.

Missing my computer,
my favorites,
my photos,
and of course

Hope to share with you soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Great Green Goals for 2010-Part 2

Ok, so here is the actual
list of green things I would
like to accomplish in 2010!

After this cool photo of one of my housplants-"Mother of Thousands":

Mother of Thousands Houseplant

First of all, things to SELL:

One of our vehicles-would like to get down to one working vehicle and ride our bikes more places and have Word Geek work closer to home
Our lawnmower-no excuses this year, it is going one way or another!
Our Dryer-my Brother S. was using it, but will no longer need to use it, so time to sell it because we plan to continue to hang dry our clothes. I think I have convinced my Brother S. that hanging clothes up is pretty awesome!
Will sell other smaller items also we no longer use/need

Research and get a: children’s bike trailer/co-pilot bike/cargo trailer-looking for a replacement for the vehicle we will be selling for short distance trips

Ride bicycle or walk (currently we do walk to do some of our errand running) to ALL short distant (within our town) trips

Make more food/meals from scratch-I think this is going to be on my list every year! This is the year I want to make so many things several times on our own though! So I have a really ambitious list, we’ll see if we get to all of it…
Some specific things I want to learn how to make:
White/Wheat Bread
Pizza Crust
Cinnamon Rolls
Ice Cream
Popsicles (says Lizard Man)
Start making yogurt from scratch again (we haven't done this for quite some time, but have done it before)

Learn to can and make:
Spaghetti Sauce
Pizza Sauce

Use our dehydrators-we now have two!

Use my Crockpot to make more meals/desserts

Make and freeze more meals to eliminate convenient frozen foods from the grocery store when we are busy or don’t feel like cooking

Get rid of high fructose corn syrup foods from our diet-we have been working on this and are doing pretty good, making more meals from scratch should help!

Reduce food waste by using leftovers sooner or freezing the leftovers right away to use in soups, etc.

Make my own toothpaste

Do research on disposable razors and possibly find an alternative for them that gives just as much of a clean shave

Give even more houseplants away to friends and family

Buy or somehow make one container to collect rain water in to use for plants

Buy or somehow make containers for compost worm farms and get worms for them

Finally, add items and open My Green Etsy Shop- http://www.greenresolution.etsy.com with Recycled and Reused items!

Do research on beekeeping and see if I can place beehives safely on parent’s property-right now there are several farms around my parent's property that spray chemicals on their crops

Do research on outdoor ovens and possibly build one

Use my reusable shopping bags even more than last year-for ALL shopping trips-going to try and store them in the vehicle permanently so we don't forget them, EVER!

Plant more seedlings this year than last year

Have a garden with lots of veggies and MAINTAIN IT

Finish large compost bin that I started in 2009 to my standards

Buy, make, and use only reusable feminine products Would still like to experiment with a few different products and possibly give reviews here.

Learn how to sew better with my sewing machine and make more handmade gifts this way

Learn to crochet and make some handmade gifts this way too

And write more posts on my green blog! I have a lot of knowledge to help inspire others that I would like to share that I think in the end could help our planet.

Well, there you have it,
My Great Green Goals
for 2010!

It is an ambitious list,
indeed. We will see
how far we come around
this time next year,

I would love to see your
green goals too, just leave
me a comment or e-mail me. ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Great Green Goals for 2010-Part 1

While I did accomplish
a few more green goals
last year, I didn’t complete
nearly everything on My
Great Green Goals for 2009

Mother of Thousands Close Up

The following in bold are
the goals from last year
that I did accomplish
or partially accomplished:

Cook more meals from scratch, eat out even less than last year
We ate out twice, HUGE improvement compared to previous years.

Use my reusable shopping bags even more than last year-for ALL shopping trips
Did really well, but will put this as a goal for this year as well because we did miss using them for a few trips, going to try and store them in the vehicle permanently, I’ve heard that helps.

Line dry clothes outside in the warmer months again (we haven't done this for quite awhile)
We did awesome with this and did it ALL last year, both inside and out, and did not use the dryer once!

Keep growing more houseplant varieties
Did-still want to expand more.

Continue the transformation of our front yard that is small, into a grass-less area, planting hostas, flowers, maybe even some edible plants
We did more until we found out that the city plans to do digging in our front yard this year, so we did not finish it-as most of our work would be pointless until they get what they need done.

Buy a manual lawn mower for our backyard or use more of our backyard for garden space
Decided not to buy another lawn mower. We have a pretty small space, so we used some as garden space, hope to use even more this year!

Tune up bicycles and ride!
Did get them tuned but still need to ride...

More post definitely coming on the subject of bicycling!

Plant two more fruit trees on my parent’s property, at least one for Love Bug and one for Lizard Man
Plant a fruit tree on our property

Did not get more trees for the kids planted on my parent’s property, but we did get 4 fruit trees (2 peach and 2 apple) planted on ours!

Plant more fruit bushes on our property
Planted 2 Nanking Cherry Bushes
1 Gooseberry Bush
2 Thornless Blackberry Bushes

Plant more seedlings this year than last year
Planted some, but still room for more improvement.

Have a garden with lots of veggies and MAINTAIN IT
Did have a garden, maintained it some, but still more room for improvement here.

Build at least one compost bin to be able to make it a bit easier and alternate it with our current compost bin
Built it ½ way (to my standards anyhow) and it is currently being used, but I would like to improve upon this and build some kind of brace around part of it using old tree lumber from pruning that would otherwise be discarded/burned.

Buy more rechargeable batteries, and use for everything (except continue to buy non-rechargeable batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)

Buy, make, and use only reusable feminine products
Also, accomplished about the last half of the year. Would still like to experiment with a few different products and possible give reviews here.

Buy or sew some covers for Love Bug’s cloth diapers that are not all-in-ones, so I don’t “need” to buy china made plastic pants
Didn’t get this accomplished and this one is getting crossed off my list for now, as Love Bug was potty trained before her 2nd birthday! That is a great accomplishment for the environment anyhow as no more washing cloth diapers because she is potty trained!

Learn how to sew better and make at least a couple of gifts for the kids
I really should have put “Learn how to sew better with the sewing machine” because I skated by with this goal with a hand sewn ornament for Lizard Man and one for Love Bug. But a sewn gift for the kids none-the-less and they loved them, so that is all that really matters isn’t it!?

Make a lot more recycled items for My Etsy Shop!
While I made some, I didn’t make a lot, will and have been working on more already, just need to get them photographed and put up on Etsy.

Look for Part 2 of My Great Green Goals 2010 tomorrow!!!

My Etsy Shops!